The database contains 2029 Players, 564 Rogues, 446 Mages, 376 Warriors, 354 Clerics, 289 Primalists who killed 5299 bosses. The database only contains data after 2018-07-11 the last major class balance patch.


At the moment there are no rules on my website concerning killing times. All previously uploaded combat logs since the Rift 4.5 update are counted and are shown in the fastest kill time list.
Sometimes I find it necessary to filter out DPS values in the top 15 list. In this case, the DPS values are not deleted and are still represented in the no rules lists.
There are many ways to unnaturally increase the DPS of individual players. To prevent this, there are a few rules that must be followed to be displayed in the Top 15 list.

1. no second Lava Field Buff or Flaring Power Buff after a death within 5 minutes
2. no stacking of several Primal Savagery buffs from the Mystic
3. no skipping of Defensive Spin (Azranel)